Monday, April 27, 2009

On Anonymity, and Who We Are

With foster care, anonymity is of paramount importance.  If you figure out who I am, that is my fault, but please don't make it worse.  For the sake of anonymity, I live in Big City, attend My Shul and My Minyan1 and My Minyan2, work with The Agency, and so on.

Right now, it's just me, Foster Ima, in my home, along with six plants (but who's counting), all of which have names, but which will have to also remain anonymous.  I don't expect that too many tales will involve them.  Once I'm licensed, there will be kiddos.  Naming pattern to be decided upon when we get there.

My other family members--those who are most likely to make it into this blog--are:
  • My Sister and My Nephew.  They live a plane ride away.  My Nephew is a compatible age to my potential kiddos.  Since this is a blog about frum fostering, it is relevant to say that they belong to a Reform synagogue.  My Sister doesn't really "get" my frumness.
  • My Mom and My Dad.  An hour-plus away by car.  Not at all observant.  I grew up not celebrating any Jewish holidays.  
We're a pretty small clan, and my other relatives (My Grandma and My Grandpa (My Dad's parents), Paternal Aunt, Maternal Aunt, My Cousin) aren't too likely to make regular appearances.


  1. Hey - I left a comment last week but maybe it didn't go through because it hasn't shown up on your blog. Just wanted to connect - We are a frum same-sex couple (yes, unusual, I know) who are starting the process of becoming foster parents (and hopefully adopting). We live in the NE. Am so glad to find your blog, especially discussions of shabbos and fostering, and fostering non-jewish kids.

  2. Hi ByTheBay! Thanks for letting me know that you're reading and that you're here. Let me know if you have any specific questions. I'm sure that once I have kiddos, I'll have more to say on the specific issues of fostering-while-frum.

  3. Will definitely be in touch! We had the first part of our homestudy - the whole process will take 5 months, so we're hoping we'll be certified by the end of March.

  4. Good luck with that "5 months" timeframe. I was told "an average of 4 months", and a year later...