Sunday, April 19, 2009


Here we go with probably the biggest issue of fostering while frum.  This is the first thing that all of my friends have asked me about when they've learned of my plans to foster.  So I don't think it's just me who thinks it's a big issue.

Let me just list a few of the obstacles related to Shabbat (and these are only the ones I've thought of so far, without kiddos and real-world experience):
  • Saturday bio-family visits
  • Weekend roadtrips 
  • Saturday classmate birthday parties
  • Friday night bedtime
  • Missed placement calls 
  • Needing Sundays for errands (or for church) means fewer Sunday day trips (museums! apple picking! My Mom and My Dad's house!)
  • No more "oops I don't have food for Shabbes, guess I'll have pita and grape juice tonight" Friday afternoons
  • To take the kiddo to shul, or not to take the kiddo to shul, and the consequences
  • Explaining why we can't watch TV one day a week
  • Explaining why "no, I can't make you [insert food item] today"
There's not one simple answer that makes all of the obstacles go away.  But the opportunity to think about them and strategize is part of what makes this a rich experience.  And thinking about it in advance will smooth the transition for the kiddos.  Now, if only I could remember to plan food for Shabbat in advance, I'll be well on my way...

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