Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stress. Oh my G-d Stress.

If only the phone call at 4:40 this afternoon asking us (my boss, me, and our coworker) to ignore our very logically set, long-standing Tuesday at noon deadline had been the end of the stress and not the beginning. See, the Tuesday at noon deadline is so that I have time to track things down and then our editor can get that half of our stuff ready before the other half have a noon at Wednesday deadline. Then our editor has to get everything together--individual files downloaded, page numbers added, PDFed, and then a table of contents manually made--by noon on Thursday.

So when we're asked at 4:40 on Wednesday to add another thing that we haven't seen, that I don't have all of the electronic papers I need to wrangle, etc., and my boss and I both have to leave to pick up kids and...I have a gynecologist appointment first thing tomorrow morning and my boss is leaving for vacation. So, um, do I have to cancel my appointment because someone else sat on a document and then "forgot" about the publication deadline?

Well, that all worked out, thankfully, though not without some unpleasant adrenaline.

I picked up Sabrina and all was well except that she wanted to do the following:
* make a card for her mommy
* go to a warehouse store to buy snacks for her class
* make gift bags for the snacks
* pack the gift bags


Yeah, so we got home from the warehouse store and it was already 8 pm. We hadn't had dinner. It's summer so Sabrina needed a bath. So, well, nothing else got done.

Then there was a fly in Sabrina's room. Because the ants in the kitchen aren't sufficient to drive me batty. It turns out that Sabrina is TERRIFIED of flies. A few hugs and trying to reassure her that flies only annoy us but don't hurt us later, I successfully swatted it. I didn't think it was possible. But I killed the fly. There's another one that is in her bathroom and I closed the door and told her I'd kill it, but I think I'm just going to let it be.

So now I'm thinking that I just need to manage to wake myself up early enough that I can wake her up a little early so we can at least make the card for her mom, and we'll do the gift bags tomorrow night when she gets home from her visit with her mom.

And then I checked my mail. In between my DVDs, there it was. A business card. "Investigative Social Worker." Because I need that stress.

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  1. Oh, I'm thinking of you! Be kind to yourself. You're great!