Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birthday party ideas?

HELP! Sabrina's birthday is in about a month, and all this time I've been assuming that she would be with her dad for her birthday. Ever since November she has been insistent that she is having her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. Oy. Madame Naivete that I am, I never thought Sabrina was still going to be with me, then there was this whole summer thing, and so I also never tried to talk her down from that idea.

I don't believe in planning a party that requires us to drive 40 minutes or more to get to when we live in a city with all sorts of fun things to do.

Am I being selfish? Should I "give in" and scope out Chuck E. Cheese (where I haven't been since a birthday party when I was 6)? What are non-Chuck E. Cheese similar ideas?


  1. Its a tough one! Personally, as an adult, I just can't stand Chuck E Cheese, and would much rather do something homemade. BUT, if she's been going on and on about it for so long, I would probably do Chuck E Cheese if it were do-able in the budget. Its her birthday after all, and she's at the age where its a HUGE deal. And she really doesn't have much control over other huge things in her life, so it might be nice to be able to give in every now and then. But it will surely feel like a trip to the dentist for the adults :)

  2. Thanks Annie. I DO want to do what Sabrina wants. And I don't actually want to plan something at home to keep kids busy! ;-) I didn't actually say this in my post but I'm more worried about supervision. Though I suppose that if we invite 2 or 3 of Sabrina's friends and their moms stay with us, it should be fine. Right?

  3. I offer my kids a choice: they can take 2 friends to the local bouncy-inflatable-jumping place, or have a bigger party at home with more (age-appropriate as to the exact number) friends.
    So you could offer to take her with one friend to Chuck e cheese, or do something closer with more. (A lot of parenting advice says invite the same number of friends as the kid is old, and I actually agree on that one.)

  4. Hey - I thought I had already commented but maybe I (yet again) forgot to do the word verification part. We have our first foster kid (initially a sibling set, but one was sent home after a week)! And I'm trying to blog again. Will be posting about shabbos & having a non-Jewish foster kid soon. Hope you're hanging in there.