Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Language suggestions, please!

Yesterday was the first day of new classes for Odessa (block scheduling). She came home with some things that I needed to sign but she got home rather late (evening credit recovery classes plus public transit problems) and was very tired and said "I'll give them to you in the morning."

It turned out that one was something I needed to sign (fine) and two were page-long "parent/guardian survey"s. As in, lots to fill out.

And it turned out that one of them was supposed to be done by today. Odessa had given it to me maybe five minutes before she needed to leave for school. So I filled out the basics (contact information) and said that I would email her teacher.

Here's the question: I don't want to completely throw Odessa under the bus for not giving me enough time to fill it out, but I don't want to place all the blame on myself because if she had given it to me last night, I would have finished it.

What should I tell her teacher?


  1. "Sorry we weren't able to get this completed before school today. I hope the following information will suffice. Blah blah blah." Would that work?

  2. A a teacher I would say nothing beyond supplying the information... not that we don't care but all but the most unreasonable understand that this stuff happens, especially when dealing with teenagers, which we do in bulk everyday. The intro above is good, no need to throw anyone under a bus nor take blame you don't deserve.
    They shouldn't have only given you one day to fill it out anyway, and they probably know it too.