Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Book Recommendations

For the hordes of readers sole reader of this blog: as the prospect of real kiddos living with me becomes closer to reality (please G-d), I'm looking for book recommendations that might be helpful for kids age 3-7 to understand/feel better about being in care.  



  1. I found you!

    Your comments were not linked to the blog...but Nicole had it linked. Okay then. time to start reading

  2. Here are a few that I use with kids often - they are simple, kid-friendly, and aren't negative - they focus on the importance of kids being safe.

    Kids Need to Be Safe
    Maybe Days
    Families Change
    A Terrible Thing Happened (less about fostercare, more about witnessing trauma)

    I'm going to do a blog post about these tomorrow so you could check that out too! Glad to have found you!