Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The saga of the lead continues

I'm on vacation out of the country this week, and about 15 minutes ago I received an email from my landlord asking me urgently to call him. Through the wonders of the internet, I connected with my next-door neighbor, who called my landlord while he and I were on gchat. Teehee.

What's the problem? Well, that work that they were going to do while I was away? They haven't started it yet. And once they start it, I can't go back into my apartment until it's completely done. So can I stay somewhere else until next Wednesday?

Actually, no.

It's not so much that I would have to sleep somewhere else. That's probably not an insurmountable problem. However, I only brought enough clothes with me on vacation for the week, so I would need to be able to get my clothes. Or my laundry card. Again, not completely insurmountable as I could borrow a laundry card (and detergent) from a neighbor. A little annoying to have to do laundry without a full load, but do-able. The lack of access to my kitchen would be bad. And my poor plants that are already going without water for a week would really suffer. But the real problem?


I only brought three pairs of shoes with me to Israel: sneakers, comfortable sandals that are also nice enough for Shabbat in Israel (but not professional), and wedding shoes. So: no shoes to wear to work on Monday if I can't get into my apartment.

And we all know that shoes are critical.

All of this means that I told my neighbor to tell my landlord not to start the work. I will email my landlord and hope that I'm not now the bad guy. (After all, I didn't know all of this information about not being able to be in my apartment at all after they started the work.) We'll have to find another time when I can be out of my apartment for a week-plus, and hopefully soon. Originally, next week starting Monday was an option. As long as I'm able to go into my apartment to prepare and pack, I'll be okay.

I knew things were starting to go too smoothly.

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