Monday, June 1, 2009

The lead saga...

...gets a little less saga-like!  This afternoon and evening, I shlepped (the benefit of a frum-themed blog is that I get to use yiddish without any guilt) a bunch of clothes, a shower curtain, a few pots, and my air mattress down two flights of stairs to my home-away-from-home where I blessedly am able to access someone else's wireless internet.  

Tomorrow morning, the lead abatement begins.  I hope that I succeeded in moving enough things away from the windows; I fell a bit into my pre-Pesach trap of being distracted by unimportant cleaning (did I really need to clean the soap gunk off my soap dispenser? no) instead of the necessary bits.  

But I justify the extra cleaning by this--I am returning my licensing worker's call tomorrow to schedule my home assessment for two weeks from now.  Lots to do before then, and none of it can be done while they are doing the lead abatement.  Such excitement!

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