Monday, June 15, 2009

Getting ready

I think (naively, I'm sure) that I'll be okay with the single parenting thing. But I was reminded yesterday that I really do need a husband for some things around the house. Bear in mind, said husband doesn't need to be male. Just taller than I am, stronger than I am, and gutsier than I am.

I freecycled an old coffee table yesterday. It had been hanging around the kiddo's room so I finally got off my duff to do something about it. The people came to pick it up shortly after I discovered that hanging the mirror above the kiddo's dresser was going to be a two-person job, and even shortlier after I posted a status update on Facebook asking for a husband to help me hang it. I have a number of neighbors on Facebook, so when there was a knock on the door, it wasn't completely inconceivable that it would have been someone coming to help. It wasn't, of course, but I joked with the freecyclers that it could have been. After they took the table, they decided to come back and help with the mirror! Great people.

[Unfortunately, I later realized that I would also need a husband to hang the very cool lamps over my dining table. That might have to wait for my houseguest later this week.]

The kiddo's room is almost ready! I just need to buy some double-sided tape today so that I can hang some wrapping paper (my design technique). I also need a phone line splitter so that I can plug in the phone. And then the only real problem will be that my apartment isn't exactly picture-perfect. (I'm also bracing myself for needing to install additional smoke detectors. The regs say "less than ten feet from each bedroom." Depending on how you measure, the one smoke detector in my apartment is 10 and a half-ish feet from the kiddo's room, and even further from mine. But if you measure "as the crow flies," it's fine. So we'll see.)

Tomorrow's the big day!


  1. I wouldn't stress the smoke detectors, my worker was just happy that we had 2 in our apartment.

  2. Ha! I often think I need a husband/boyfriend whenever the lightbulbs and smoke detectors need to be changed! But the rest of the time I'm glad to have the place mostly to myself. ;)