Monday, June 8, 2009

A final (?) lead update

I am back in my apartment after a week of repairs to get rid of the lead paint hazards. Woohoo! I left work early (shh--no one knows) to come home and move my belongings. Now I see that not only do I have to do the cleaning and organizing that I was prepared for, but many of my things have been moved. Some in small, subtle ways. Other in "what's my rug doing in the foyer?" kind of ways. Though I will say that the rug looks nice in the foyer.


Of course there's a however. Tomorrow morning a different set of repair people are coming to fix the gaping hole in large chunk of paint dangling from the ceiling. Lovely.

On the plus side, yesterday I bought a phone and today arranged with the evil empire the phone company to get my landline set up. Is it really possible that with taxes and fees, a $7.29/month local-only plan could cost $35, such that it just makes sense to get the $35/month fees included unlimited nationwide calling plan? Maybe the kiddos will have relatives who are incarcerated out of town so it will make sense to have a nationwide calling plan. Not saying that would be a good thing.

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