Thursday, June 18, 2009

Foster vs adoption licensing

Hello all out there in blog-land! I got a message from a friend this morning asking for some assistance with a project that she is doing at work, and you have additional knowledge that you can share.

The background: She is (I think a social worker, I'm clearly not as good a friend as I should be, and now would be too embarrassed to ask her what she does for a living) in Israel, and the licensing rules there for foster parenting are different than for adoption. For adoption, the parents have to have a certain income level, a minimum age gap between the parents and the kids, they might need to be married (guessing from her email), have a minimum education level, and there's a limit on how many kids they can adopt. Just as examples.

She wants to know if, in the various jurisdictions in the States, the process and rules are the same or different, and specifics. (Actually her question to me was only if they are identical and if I knew if it was the same in other states, but I imagine that a simple yes or no answer is not actually what she's looking for.)

I would love to compile information from all of you to pass along to her. If you could post information in the comments, that would be great, or if you have a lot to say and/or want to be able to say what state you live in without that being public for the world to see, you can email me at FrumFosterMom - at - gmail - dot - com.


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  1. Although not aware of all the details with adoption, it is my understanding that the rules are different from state to state - but that the rules for foster care vs adoption should be the same. I know they are here in Illinois anyway. However, different adoption agencies can make their own rules about who they will work with. I know in my state you don't have to be married, there are no education requirements, homosexuals may foster and adopt, and the only income requirement is that you can prove that you can pay all your own bills without the monthly stipend from foster care. If you need more info than that, I could probably find out!