Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Send a Kid to Camp!

One of my favorite newspaper columnists (and I'm not giving up any anonymity here because I read newspapers from a few different Big Cities--though this one is a Big City in which I live or have lived) has an annual campaign to "Send a Kid to Camp." Camp Moss Hollow is specifically for kids in foster care to allow them the same opportunity for summer fun as other kids.

It costs $700 for one kid for one week. I plan to sponsor one kid all on my own, but also have a goal of cobbling together smaller donations to sponsor another kid. (Or more than one. It's all about my undying fan-hood for the columnist.) If you can help, check out the sidebar where it says (hello, obviousness) "Send a Kid to Camp." You can donate directly or, even better (see: It's all about my undying fan-hood for the columnist) donate through me. Since I can't figure out how to create a Paypal button that maintains my anonymity--I don't mind donors knowing who I am, just the random people who might come across this, click on the donate button, then know who I am--please leave a comment or send me an email.

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  1. I've posted about this in my blog. I'll contribute as soon as I can. You can see my post here....