Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adventures in Emergency Response

The email that I just sent to Sabrina's social worker, names changed:

Thanks for your call today. I didn't expect to need to email you again so soon after we spoke, however a serious incident occurred this afternoon.

I arrived at school to pick Sabrina up from aftercare, and she was sitting with her mother (and cousins). The school properly did not let [Mom] leave with Sabrina, but I do not know how long she was there. (Incidentally, it turns out that she does not appear to be pregnant.)

More seriously, she walked with us to my car, and when she saw that my car is messy (cereal on the floor, wrappers from string cheese), she called 911. She actually called 911 three times, all while standing next to Sabrina and preventing me from closing the car door. The whole episode lasted about 15 minutes (I'm estimating) and was visibly stressful for Sabrina (as it was for me). Additionally, Sabrina now believes that a messy car is "an emergency" for which it is appropriate to call 911.

I do know, in case it is significant, that the third time [Mom] called 911 she spoke with Officer Jones, badge number xxxx, and I suspect that she made a particular effort to note my license plate number. The first two times she called 911 she was unable to answer their questions or speak rationally; the third time I was on the phone with [Sabrina's attorney/GAL] and therefore wasn't licensing to what she told the dispatcher.

For my peace of mind, please let me know what you will be doing in response to this incident.

Thank you,


  1. Oh, dear. That was definitely on the calamity side of adventure. After such an unsettling experience, I hope you both can get some nice, calm TLC, and that you get that peace of mind right quick! Kate

  2. Now there's one I've not run up against.
    Just when you think you've heard it all.

  3. Thanks for your comments, ladies! Still waiting to hear back from Wilma. Really, she doesn't think this warrants at least a "wow, got your email, I'll follow up" email?