Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where I've been.

Here I am with a teenager in my house, presumably a lot to blog about, yet I've been missing in action. Where have I been? I've been on twitter in a not terribly anonymous (okay, not at all anonymous) forum referring to Odessa as "O" (character limitations, you know) with protected tweets and only a handful of followers. But lots of interesting things about Odessa.

I have found myself more and more desirous of engaging in some other twitter conversations (local stuff) and wanting to unprotect my tweets, so I bit the bullet and created a second twitter personality. And you can follow me there! @fosterima (, not that this is such a surprising name. Much more timely, much less rambly updates.

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  1. In case you know anyone who might be interested - Not sure if the family has to live in NY State or not. Got this on an e-mail list, no other info.


    Please forward the note bellow to your respective lists. Perhaps there may be someone out there.

    Thank you

    Rabbi Yossi Lieberman

    West Hempstead NY

    (718) 781-4333 cell

    Two siblings from Ohel were temporarily placed in our home about 18 months ago in order to provide time to find a permanent placement for Daniel and Sarah. After an extensive search Ohel was not able to identify a suitable home. Last week the court instructed Ohel and the Administration for Children's Services to search vigorously in parallel for a single home for both children within the next two weeks. If a pre-adoptive family from our community does not approach Ohel the children may end up in a non-Jewish home.

    Daniel is an eight year old who has attended a Jewish day school for the last two years and has thrived and excelled in his Jewish studies, and despite the lack of a strong background functions with the rest of his class. Although he has ADD, he is well managed by his medication. He loves attention, playing with other children and learning about nature.

    Sarah is five years old and is very affectionate. She is athletic and likes  playing outside, playing with dolls, coloring and going to the library. She is a slow learner and is kindergarten in a contained classroom. She plays well with other children and has won the affection of her teachers and peers.

    Raising these children would enhance any family considering an adoption and would also maintain them within the Jewish community. We cannot make the commitment of being a pre-adoptive family at this point but would like to maintain a relationship with them. We hope that there is a family that can offer them a permanent home with the love and attention they need.  It would be a failure of our metropolitan community that has many chessed projects to abandon these children.

    Please contact Batsheva Berger or Shulamit Marcus of the Ohel home finding department at (718) 851-6300.

    Daniel and Sarah’s Foster Parents