Monday, July 6, 2009


Clearly I've been expressing too much optimism in the past few days, thinking that the only step remaining (always with a disclaimer that I could be wrong) is the licensing worker's second visit. I have to be home all day on Wednesday for the phone company person to come--a saga that I have not regaled bored you with--so I emailed the licensing worker asking if she could come then. Of course she didn't respond to my email, and when I called her just an hour ago, she said that she has "an appointment", I think only one, on Wednesday, so she cannot come. She can, however, come on the 22nd. Two more weeks. AND: she needs me to give her another copy of the fire inspection report because the fax that I got from the fire department wasn't legible enough (I only have a better copy because our fax machine in my office got fixed; if that hadn't happened, I would have only the horrible copy that I provided), and she hasn't heard back from the Lead Person at the agency. She suggested that she would just wait until she hears from Lead Person ("lead" as in the metal, the one that I've been having problems with, not as in "head honcho"). I didn't think that was sufficient, as I'll never get licensed at that rate. Clearly Lead Person doesn't care about getting foster parents licensed. And clearly Licensing Worker is content to let the pieces fall, or not, as they might. Licensing Worker said "sure, you can contact Lead Person, but don't say that I told you to call her!" Hm, is the problem actually with Licensing Worker?

So now I have another two weeks 'til the second half of my home study, and unknown steps after. And we'll see if Lead Person actually responds to my email.


  1. So, I got a call from my agency today...and she was wondering if I had fixed anything that the lead inspector had suggested. Well, that inspection was in December and it didn't really seem like there was anything I HAD to take care of, but apparently I was wrong. Also, I need to provide a diagram of my, this may explain why I have not received any phone calls about kids...I'm not actually licensed yet! Who knew?! I definitely didn't, but now I do. And, the person who did my lead inspection is only in the office from 8-9:30. Nice schedule!

    Good luck!

  2. Wow!!! So sorry you are dealing with this. As far as the diagram is concerned, I had to do one also and just made it in paint, there was so may people that complimented me on it and thought I had used some special program or something. If you need any help just let me know.