Monday, July 20, 2009

Update on Goals

It's been almost a month since I posted my goals for the summer. Clearly, one of my goals should have been to improve my work ethic. I say "clearly" because this is my second post written while at work in three business days. I'm at a point in a project (a project, I should add, that I am dorkily excited about) where I am stuck because I can't figure out how to follow the directions.* And this is incredibly frustrating, so in an effort to sound like I'm doing something and to not go crazy, I have decided to provide an update on my goals.

Goal # so important it didn't get a number: getting licensed.
Progress: As I mentioned last night, my second licensing visit is on Wednesday afternoon. Are there more hoops to jump through after that? I hope not. But who knows...

Goal #1: find a new job.
Progress: nope. I've applied for a few jobs, but nothing has come of my applications yet.

Goal #2: reduce dependence on caffeine.
Progress: oops. If anything, I've increased my dependence on caffeine. It definitely doesn't help that I have a bottomless mug from a chain of bagel restaurants. I shelled out a bunch of bucks in October and can get free refills for the entire year. So every day on my way to work, I stop in and get a coke or a coffee. (And chat with Jeremy and Donnell, the cheerful-even-early-in-the-morning staff and manager.) If I were paying for each drink, I certainly wouldn't go every day. And I definitely wouldn't do what I did today... I ate a "savory" breakfast so wanted coke, but like having coffee at my desk. I had work with me, so I got a coke, sat down with it and read my work, and then got a coffee and went the rest of the way to work.
Related aside: There is a fast day coming up in a week (tisha b'av, for those who are keeping track). I know people who try to wean themselves of caffeine in preparation for fast days. But I don't understand this. Why suffer for a week when the fast day is only one day (and you are going to be miserable for that day anyway)?

Goal #3: wash dishes within a day of using them.
Progress: um... If you look in my sink right now, all of the dirty dishes are from yesterday. So I guess that counts. I've definitely been doing better. But I also still have the salad bowl from dinner last Shabbat (that is, the 10th) and a few other small things sitting on the counter.

Goal #4: eat more salad and less pasta.
Progress: oh dear. I discovered a new brand of vegetarian sausage last week and have been eating a lot of it. So I'm getting some nutrients beyond whatever nutritional value there is in pasta sauce. But protein is one thing and fruits and veg are another.

So there you have it--a report of my complete failure over the past month to make any progress with any of my goals. That gust of wind you just felt was my big sigh of disappointment.

*I am not sure if this is because I am too intelligent to follow the directions or because the directions were written that badly.

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