Thursday, September 3, 2009

Answers, part 1

Mama Drama-Times Two asked, in response to my plea for questions, why I'm using a private agency instead of my state's Big Social Service Agency.

An interesting question, because I didn't realize that I had given the impression that I'm using a private agency. I know only how things work here, and am nervous that any details I give will be used by someone with more experience to say "aha! You gave away where you live!" So if, for example, I were to respond to say, "well, actually, I am using my state's Big Social Service Agency, and that in fact is the only option for someone who lives where I live who wants to be a foster parent," would that give it away?

Because that is the true answer. Please, pretty please with a cherry on top, if that does give away my secret location, let me know.

More answer(s) later. Keep the questions coming!

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  1. No, silly!!!! You haven't given it away at all....Thanks for answering....Top two reasons for delays in our state: they don't offer the pre-fostering required training very often - and it takes forever for over-worked social workers to type up your home study and present it for approval. In some New England States there are also private agencies that subcontract with the Big State Agency to do more specialized foster care (like pregnant teens or Religious affiliations or medically fragile..) I am just impressed that you are so patient!!!!
    I too struggle with altering my specific details to maintain confidentiality.....