Thursday, September 3, 2009

Answers, part 4

I suppose I should save some of these questions for later, rather than inundating you with--what is it?--six? posts today. But that's too rational for me.

Sarsmile asked what I'm going to do about Christian holidays. I alluded to this way back in the beginning in a post that no one would be expected to remember or, more importantly, find. I could only find it because I had tagged it with "Christianity" and until this one, there were only two posts with that tag. Oh, you want a link to it? Here it is. It's way down at the bottom, the second footnote.

So yes, Christmas is definitely going to be done. I've got some decorations already and am looking forward to a party to decorate the apartment. We might have to go without a tree, but the kiddo will just have to deal. (The callousness is intended to be sarcastic.) Honestly, I just don't know how to buy a tree, put it in the stand, make sure it isn't a fire hazard...

Specifics of church vs no church vs which church will have to be addressed on a kid by kid basis. Obviously, it would be nicer if the answer is no church. Not having Saturday for errands and such, if half of Sunday were then taken up by church, things could be difficult. The time that we could spend going to museums and the park and having play dates instead will be spent grocery shopping and cleaning and being boring. But it will depend on the kid's church-going background and any direction from the kid's biofamily, though as long as the kid actually is Christian, we'll undoubtedly end up going to church on occasion for cultural reasons.

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