Sunday, October 11, 2009


That, my friends, is the feeling in my brain and chest right now. Just a minor anxiety attack. Trying to take deep breaths, but since that's not working, I thought I'd blog about my stress.

In no particular order (because if I tried to put these in any logical order, that would stress me out more):

I NEED!!! a shower. You might think that with my current state of "fun"employment, I might be able to do laundry before it reaches crisis proportions. How does this relate to showering? Okay, here it is. We start with this weekend's Jewish holidays, meaning that from 6ish on Friday to 7ish today, no shower. Yuck. Then add in that Friday when I was getting dressed for Shabbat and the holiday, I noticed that I had only three... of a certain type of garment that one generally does not re-wear when dirty. One Friday night, one Saturday, one today, and in order to get dressed after a shower, I need clean laundry. Three more minutes in the dryer.

I interviewed for a job a few weeks ago that really excited me. I liked the people I interviewed with and left the interview wanting the job even more than before. When I checked my email about an hour ago, I discovered that the job has been re-posted. The listing says that people who applied before need to re-apply. (As opposed to listings that say something along the lines of "if you applied already, we have your application on file and don't worry about it.") So does this mean that none of the candidates (they interviewed a BUNCH) were good enough? Or that there was an HR problem and they have to start the process over again?

A friend of mine from law school got married today. I wasn't invited to the wedding which makes me a little sad, though I wouldn't have been able to go anyway and it's not like he and I have been super close since we graduated. But with Facebook, I saw that a lot of my friends were there, and they were posting fun status updates, and I missed all of them and am feeling jealous and "homesick."

In my Google reader there were 31 posts in my "foster/adoption" folder. Just from the last two days. Sorry guys, I skimmed most of them because I was too overwhelmed.

And there are another 450 posts in the rest of my folders.

I'm planning a vacation and even that is stressing me out.

And if I were in my apartment rather than the laundry room, I would be overwhelmed by the disaster area that is my apartment.

Finally, while I was napping this afternoon (after two nights of sleeping like poo) my landline telephone rang. It wasn't my mom because she is out of the country visiting my dad, so I wonder if it was the agency calling about a placement. I would say no because of the vacation, but...

Anyway, dryer is done, so it's time for a shower.

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