Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Road trip!

You know that I'm all about anonymity, and many of you are as well. And I know that there are only about 6 of you (I'm being optimistic) who read this, and I don't think that any of you fall into my target audience of frum folk. But I'm going to try my luck anyway.

I am driving to Miami next week. It is a longer drive than I am comfortable doing in one day (if necessary, I would do it, but then my sister might lecture me--and she would know because the outcome would be spending Sunday night with her in the Boca area). In the interest of my unemployed wallet, I am looking for a friendly home to stay in next Sunday night, probably in the northern Florida area (I-95 corridor), but a little further north would work too. I'm also looking for a Shabbat invitation for the 23-24th, in the Miami-Boca Raton corridor. Thanks folks!

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