Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Brilliance of My Agency

While I was on vacation, I got phone calls from three separate people at My Agency. One was the placement that I had to decline. The other two were, well, not how I would have done things if I were in charge.

First, the call from the Re-licensing Worker. I've been licensed for what, a month? Why does the re-licensing worker need to come to my home already? I realize that my home is no longer my own, but this just seems like overkill.

Second, though, was the call from my original Licensing Worker. She wanted to know if I'd gotten my license. She had better have meant just the piece of paper, because she really ought to know that my license had been approved. But if she were that concerned about the mail (a VERY legitimate concern, in my experience), shouldn't she have called sooner? Regardless, that isn't my real issue with the phone call. My real issue is that she is required to do a quick satisfaction survey with the people she licenses. Great in concept. However, when she asks what the biggest barriers were, and my answers are "communication" and "lost paperwork", both of which were her fault, well, it becomes a little uncomfortable. Perhaps someone else could have conducted the survey?

Oh well. I'm home from vacation and completely overwhelmed by the mess I left for myself to return to. As soon as it's a little cleaned up (which had better be by Monday!) I will email the placement office to remind them that I have a vacancy.

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