Sunday, October 25, 2009

My first call!

Stories of my vacation to follow (because I know that you're dying to hear where I've been for the last week) but the relevant anecdote is more important:

I got my first placement call!

I happened to be in South Beach (Florida) at the time, and the call was for a 2 year old despite my license being for kids age 3-7, so I had to say no. But it was exciting to get the call and know that they actually will be using me.

I also was glad to have an early experience saying no to a placement. I know that I will feel guilty every time I have to do so, but I think that being able to say no for the first call I ever got will make me more comfortable when I need to for other reasons (since I have gotten over the hurdle of just wanting to say yes every time). (I realize that I'm not expressing myself very well here. I went to bed at 1 am last night and my nephew woke me up at 7:30.)


  1. Wondering when you'd get the call. In our house we say "The stork called toay...." It is hard to say no - but it will come easier with practice. Can't wait to hear about when you do get a placement call and say YES!!!!

  2. Yeah, congratulations, in that weird way. Our first call was a "no" also, for age range reasons. Would you have said yes if you had been home?

  3. Wherestheparty: I would most likely have said "no" if I'd been home, for the age range reasons, but I might have asked more questions and if they were really desperate and willing to let me take her despite my license, I would have gone out to get the necessities for a 2 year old. (The reason that I selected 3 as a minimum age was child care, and since I'm currently not working, that reason goes out the window. I'd have time to work something out.)