Sunday, May 9, 2010

Curse Curse Cursing Curses

On Thursday I was reminded of a very important lesson: screaming curses at the top of my lungs in my car doesn't actually make me feel better.

The background: Sabrina's visit with her mom on Thursday was cancelled.  Her social worker emailed me at 5 in the morning (really!) to let me know. I was moderately frustrated (we'd made a Mother's Day present, after all) but especially once I figured out that the visit was cancelled because the idiot social services aide was fired, I understood and didn't mind.  (Apparently I haven't blogged about the idiot. She called Sabrina a liar in front of her after it took them an hour to find my apartment--with GPS--because "one way streets are confusing.")

Then what happened: Mom showed up at Sabrina's school.  I did learn on Friday morning that this is how visits work--she meets the social worker and Sabrina at school and they ride together to the Agency for the visit--but still no one told mom that the visit had been cancelled. Mom called me to complain that no one was there, and "I just want to take her to my house and do her hair and watch a movie, and I'll meet you at school at 6."

Uh, what? No! "I really think you should call the social worker's supervisor. Here's her number:..."  

I had barely hung up the phone when I called the supervisor (the social worker was on vacation) and left her a message ("oh my G-d Sabrina's mom is at school and I'm freaking out") followed by a call to the supervisor's supervisor, who actually was at his desk, but who was almost completely unhelpful.  I say  "almost" because he did then call mom and find out... but let's let that sit for a moment.  The SWSSS (social worker's supervisor's stupid supervisor) was very apologetic about the situation.  Yes.  He was sorry for the inconvenience of the visit being cancelled.  

He was not at all concerned, however, that, wait for it...

Mom had taken Sabrina from school and Sabrina was at that moment at mom's house, which the SWSSS found out by calling mom.

After a bit of cursing and getting directions to mom's house, I left the office to go pick her up.  I got in my car and promptly got lost (prompting the first round of screaming curses at the top of my lungs in my car), followed by ending up on the wrong side of  the river that divides my city, right next to a sporting venue hosting a game that evening, prompting the second round of screaming curses at the top of my lungs.

Finally, finally, I got to mom's house where she was just putting the finishing touches on re-doing Sabrina's hair, which had just been done by a professional the night before. 

So we're left with 1. why didn't anyone tell mom the visit was cancelled? 2. why wasn't the agency concerned that mom, who isn't supposed to have unsupervised visits, took Sabrina home with her, and 3. how did the school let Sabrina's mom take her???

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