Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't look in my bookbag

Well of course if Sabrina is insistent that I not look in her bookbag, the first thing I am going to do after she goes to sleep is to look! She insisted that I not look before she took my phone for the second time in two days, so the question is:

Did she not want me to see the doll that she got from her mom at her visit today, or did she not want me to see that the money in her bookbag was gone?

Sabrina had a school field trip to the circus yesterday. All the kids in the early childhood grades needed to have their very own adult with them, and I couldn't go because it was Shavuot, so Sabrina's dad went with her. I paid for both of them, and the information sheet suggested $7-$10 pocket money for snacks. So I put $10 in an envelope in her bookbag before the holiday started and told her it was there and what it was for. I told her that she could have anything that her dad said was okay.

All she had was cotton candy (yum! jealous!) and I know that the change was still in the envelope last night because after some soul-searching, I decided that I would rescue my phone from her bookbag (yes, this makes twice in two days) despite the holiday just so that I wouldn't forget to ask her to give it back, and in the process, could tell that there was money in the envelope.

Today I contemplated how I could give Sabrina positive feedback about not just spending all of the money that I gave her.

Then when I looked in her bookbag tonight, the envelope was empty.

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