Monday, May 17, 2010

Paucity of posts

A few weeks ago Sabrina dumped a small amount of water on my favored computer. (In fairness, we've never discussed "don't pour water on the computer." And it had definite natural consequences for her; she likes to watch books from the public library site on that computer, and they don't work on the other computer. She's had to learn that even though it was "an accident"--not really, but neverthess...--the computer doesn't know the difference.)

The computer actually still works fine, except that the trackpad is 99.8% dead. I am so grateful to my friend "hazelmoon" who pointed out to me, quite obviously and quite brilliantly, that all I needed was to buy an external mouse. Duh.

But until she realized that I am a complete dolt when it comes to realizing obvious things, I was struggling along with my old computer, on which it is difficult to have two browsers running at the same time, making it correspondingly difficult to have two google/blogger accounts open at the same time, making it therefore difficult to just open the computer and blog.

Did you care about all this? Probably not. But I've been at work since 7:30 this morning doing completely mindless tasks, and I just needed to type something. (The project I am doing literally requires almost no typing, only clicking. Bo.ring.)


  1. So what did you do about the field trip?

  2. I decided to skip it. A 4 year old should not spend 6 hours on a bus in a single day many hours of fun? That just seems crazy.