Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shavuot, and how this is All. My. Fault.

Sabrina and I are home sick today. She's sick, not me. She threw up in the toilet (hooray! for the toilet part, not the throwing up part), on the rug, and then, my favorite, on the dining room table. Nothing seems to be worse for the wear, except for the poor sweetie, and the plastic covering the dining room table actually seems to be cleaner than it was before.

This is all my fault, you see.

Yesterday Sabrina didn't feel well when I picked her up at school, and she had a little bit of a fever. She rested and played a bit while the GAL was over for a visit, and then she went to bed.

Meanwhile, I was VERY STRESSED about the upcoming Jewish holiday of Shavuot, which starts tonight. I finally got all of the logistics worked out (read: I found someone who can take her to and from school on the two days of the holiday, having already found an adult--her dad--to go with her on the school field trip to the circus) but still had much cooking to do. And I started thinking--if Sabrina has to stay home because she's sick, that would be very beneficial to me.

I didn't think that was going to make her not be able to keep anything down! Really! I thought, a little extra rest, some TV, and she'd feel better. Alas, I made her sick.

However, I did make two cheesecakes, a quiche, and fish, washed all my dishes except the few for the fish, put my laundry away, and have done some work (Tuesday being my busy day), so while this was bad for Sabrina, it hasn't been all bad for me. I'm all about the self-centeredness.

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