Sunday, August 16, 2009

Goal #1: Find a new job

Early last week I got the official word: effective October 1, my position is being eliminated.

So the job search that was originally urgent on account of an embarrassing Facebook incident and then relaxed due to, well, no real reason in particular, is now urgent again. Ideally, I will be able to have a seamless transition. If that doesn't happen, I've sent my resume to some legal temp agencies (document review very well might be the most boring job that a lawyer can do, but it pays better than unemployment and it pays better than telemarketing).

But I find myself also looking forward to a break. I can take some days to do a really good cleaning of my apartment. I can take a day (or two-day) trip to the beach. I can drive around my Big City taking photos. I can visit My Dad who is doing a teaching gig in Budapest for the fall semester (though I asked My Mom what she thought of that idea, and got a "no, that's Stupid" response).

Or I can have some time to get to know a kiddo.

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