Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is what is wrong with the agency

Need a refresher on where I am in my never-ending licensing process? Licensing Worker showed up and told me that my back-up child care people need background checks, when given the name of a licensed parent who was in my class (taught by Licensing Worker) the Licensing Worker told me to get a copy of said parent's background check, am working on a second person (lots of friends with background checks who can't figure out who has copies).

Now that you're caught up--

The original second back-up person is a co-worker of mine. Let's call her Highly Competent Coworker (HCC). HCC mailed her paperwork for her background check about two weeks ago. HCC then had the unmitigated gall to go on vacation (not related to this story, I just wanted to say "unmitigated gall"). I was out of the office yesterday when HCC came back. So I spoke with HCC this morning. She recounted the voice mail she received. "Hello. I've scheduled you to come in for fingerprints next Tuesday at 11."

I need to give props to HCC. If I had gotten that voice mail, I would have fumed (and blogged!) and then called back saying that the time she had mentioned was not possible for me. HCC, on the other hand, who is a Very Busy Person, found that her calendar was clear and accepted the appointment. She suggested to me--unnecessarily, of course, as I agree with her 100%--that perhaps the person from the Agency should not have just dictated a time. Not usually the best way to schedule meetings.

And this is what is wrong with the Agency.

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  1. What's more troubling to me is that systems that treat prospective foster parents this way probably treat the natural parents even worse. I read on so many blogs indignant comments like "birth mom couldn't bother to show up for the meeting" or, alternatively, "birth mom doesn't even have a real job." Sometimes with all they demand--and demand at the last minute--it's hard to accomplish both!

    I know in your case the foster agency isn't CPS itself, but it just got me thinking about all that. If a county tolerates one thing, it'll probably tolerate another. Sorry about the rant.