Monday, August 31, 2009

Technical Question

Not foster care related, not Judaism related--
How can I find stats for this or other blogspot blogs? I'm interested in knowing approximately how many visitors I have, where they/you are (geographically), and how they/you are finding the blog. Many of you have referred to these data for your own blogs, so I know it must be possible.

Thanks for your help!


  1. I use FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed to see where people are "coming from" - it only gives the basics, like the approximate geographical location and if they hopped from another blog to mine.

    I also get emails from telling me how many "hits" my blog has gotten about once a week or so.

    I'd love something more specific though - let me know if you find something awesome! :)

  2. check out sitemeter and statcounter or Google Analytics.

    I actually have all three and I get different information from each.

  3. I use sitemeter as well. Interesting that I could get different information if I had more than one counters/meters/feeds...