Friday, August 21, 2009

Of course

I just got a call from Licensing Worker*, and then, kind of ironically, I got a comment from r. on one of my most recent posts (the one on "This is what is wrong with the agency").

Take a moment to think about everything that has gone wrong and could go wrong in my never-ending licensing process.

Did you think "FBI background check could be lost"? If you did, you win! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the brilliant agency with which I work which 1. sends fingerprints to the FBI electronically, 2. gets the report back from the FBI electronically (as best as I can tell), and 3. has all of the records electronically, cannot find my report because it was marked with the "emergency/temp" code.

Licensing Worker tells me this (that it was coded wrong) while doing her best to imply that the report is lost. I ask if this experience indicates that my HCC (Highly Competent Coworker) needs to indicate anything specific when she goes to get fingerprinted next week. "Oh no, why would she need to know anything? I put her in the system as your backup." Okay sure, you didn't mis-code me?

This issue did come up because Licensing Worker is finally writing my report (the one that, at my second home visit on July 22, she told me she would write by the end of the month--clearly she meant the end of "a" month, not "the" month). Which means that she is at least writing it before she gets my HCC's background check. But she wouldn't give me any sort of a timeframe since she is working on other reports at the same time.


* The actual transcript of the first few lines of the call:

Me: "Hello, this is [Foster Ima]."
LW: "Hi."
Me: "Oh, [Licensing Worker]!"

Now, she and I both work for our Big City and we have caller ID on our work phones. So when she calls me, her phone shows that she's calling [Ima, Foster]. However, her number is programmed wrong. So I have to remember that [Smith, Jane] is actually [Worker, Licensing]. Which is the only way that I did figure out who was calling. Otherwise, I would have had to say "Who the hockey sticks is this?"

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  1. wow. Just wow. This is a level of incompetence that surprises even me.