Monday, April 26, 2010

Big day tomorrow

Sabrina finally fell asleep about 20 minutes ago after about an hour of complaining of various ailments. I don't doubt that she felt bad, but she also spent a good two hours being very chipper despite reporting that her throat and stomach hurt. I am now completely stressed about the possibility that she is sick. If it were a normal day, there would be no problem keeping her home from school, resting, etc.

But tomorrow is an "administrative review" meeting at the agency. I need to be there. So what do I do if Sabrina is sick? Yikes.

So yes, tomorrow is a team meeting, the first I've been a part of. The disposition hearing is on Wednesday, and I have no idea what the chances are that the judge will rule on dad's custody petition. I'm trying to prepare myself for the possibility that Sabrina will go home from school on Wednesday with her dad, while at the same time not trying to let Sabrina in on the possibility. I don't want her to be caught completely by surprise, but I think that's better than getting her hopes up and then dashing them.

We'll see what happens...

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  1. Ugh, I remember being very stressed out on days like that.

    I'm surprised Dad and/or other family haven't mentioned to her she might be coming home soon? That's usually the kind of thing that happens to us - you're stuck as the bearer of bad news: "Welllll, you might NOT go home tomorrow..."