Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where things are with Sabrina's family

Yesterday was the administrative review meeting at The Agency for Sabrina. I was inappropriately anxious about getting there early and needing to talk with Sabrina's family members without agency people there. It turned out when I got there, I was the first person to arrive. Wilma showed up 20 minutes late. No one in the family came. The GAL didn't come. It was just me, Wilma, and the person doing the review.

I learned interesting things, like that the removal was based on a positive drug test when mom went to the ER one day (CPS was called, and they did an interview that led them to believe that mom shouldn't parent her, and then the decision was made to remove her). Mom is still using. However, Mom has apparently decided to wean herself off her drug of choice by switching to pot and alcohol. Mom had an assessment that recommended that she do an in-patient drug treatment program, but she refused so that she could take classes to become a massage therapist. But she doesn't go consistently to her out-patient program, either. (Can I just say that I hope any massage therapist I go to isn't high on PCP?)

The goal is reunification with mom, though with a sidetrack to dad having custody. Today was the disposition hearing, and while I didn't go, I did get a prompt report from Wilma. This was necessary because the judge could have ruled on dad's custody petition. In advance, Wilma didn't think he was going to, but just in case, I needed to know if I was going to be the one picking up Sabrina from school or not! The outcome of the hearing was that the judge is waiting on the outcome of the ICPC paperwork before ruling on the custody petition. Dad reported that the social worker from his state is going to his house on Friday. So fingers are crossed that this crazy 4 nights with me-3 nights with dad situation will end soon. I love Sabrina but this is just not good for her.


  1. Not only is it 'not good' for Sabrina, it's not good for you! Here I am getting annoyed at dealing with most-of-the-weekend visits; I can't even imagine a 4/3 split. I think adults need consistency almost as much as kids.

    BTW, Sabrina's nose comment was so sweet!