Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sabrina was telling me a crazy story about a boy in her class and his teeth. After she told me that the school nurse took the friend's teeth out and then put them back in, she told me that his teeth were red, pink, green, and blue! Four year olds :-)

So I asked her "what would you do if YOUR teeth were red, pink, green, and blue?" Here's where the milestone comes in. She said "I would tell my mommy, or my daddy, or you." Really, she would tell me!

Second milestone: I made flounder for dinner. I breaded it and pan fried it, but didn't expect her to like it. Boy was I surprised when she ate everything I gave her, asked for more (the first time she asked for seconds!), and then said "thank you" after I gave her more. Then she asked for thirds. Amazing.

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