Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fate, kicking me in the rear end.

[Note: I'm not really sure it's fate doing the kicking. But my brain isn't on 100% at the moment. And my rear end really is getting kicked.]

Let's just start with the minor stuff, shall we?

First, there was that huge lack of sleep thing last night.

Second, perhaps because of the lack of sleep, this morning we had a Sabrina complaining of an upset tummy (my diagnosis? she was tired). Then my brain was befuddled and even though the time 8:15 was sticking in my head, it was sticking in my head as the time we needed to leave, not the time we needed to be at school. So we left 15 minutes late when I realized I was being stupid.

Third, after I dropped Sabrina off at school, I was on auto-pilot and turned the wrong way on the busy road nearest her school. So I had to drive around a few blocks in a not-great neighborhood that I'm not familiar with.

Then (fourth) I got thoroughly and hopelessly lost trying to find the parking garage at the subway station by Sabrina's school. It took a half hour to find. (I should add that the subway station is literally across the street from her school. But the school is on a cul de sac that has a cut-through to the street with the subway station, but the cut-through is supposedly only for emergency vehicles.)

Work was fine. Really and truly fine. A bit stressful because I was trying to take a deadline seriously and the person who is training me wasn't there, and I didn't have access to the system that I needed. But fine.

Then I had to leave a little bit earlier than I planned because yet another person attempted (I haven't followed up on the outcome) suicide by subway and there were delays on the line I needed to take to get to Sabrina's school.

All was well for a few hours. Sabrina got registered in aftercare, I went to the grocery store, I went back and picked her up (she reported that they sat doing nothing for 2 hours, but I doubt it!), and she fell asleep in the car about 5 minutes from home.

And then.

Oh, and then.

She wouldn't wake up. Major freak out. I called 911, continued to freak out, but remarkably remained fairly calm. And about 30 seconds before the ambulance arrived, she opened her eyes. Her oxygen levels were fine, and she even got out of the car by herself, so I opted out of going to the hospital. (Oh please G-d let that have been a reasoned decision and not motivated by the milk and fish that were warming/thawing as this adventure was going on.)

My guess is that she is dehydrated, but I can't force feed her water or apple juice. She's (not quite) sleeping on the sofa and I have the air conditioning on full blast.

So much for taking a bath, and doing laundry (we have no clean underwear...well, I have clean underwear, but Sabrina doesn't). At least Sabrina is doing better.

Please, let day two of working parenthood be better than day one!

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