Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day one of working parenthood

Hello, stress.

Today I have to do the following (besides getting Sabrina to wear clean underpants):
  1. find the parking lot at the subway station near Sabrina's school
  2. work
  3. enroll Sabrina in aftercare
  4. go grocery shopping (we need bread, milk, moisturizing cream, and I'm not sure what I'm forgetting)
  5. call Sabrina's doctor to ask about her allergies
  6. do laundry
  7. give Sabrina a bath
  8. make a healthy dinner
Not all in that order. Plus we both slept like cr@p last night (I'm mostly blaming my poor sleep on her waking up 6 or 7 times; I really don't know why she had to wake me up at 4:30 when her earring came out).

Today we see how well the "no coke" resolution goes.

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