Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why there has been less blogging from the Foster Ima household

Did I mention that I started a new job? Four weeks ago. And this has wreaked havoc on our schedule.

6:30 wake up. (Aspirational.)
6:50 actually wake up.
7:45 leave for school. Note that this leaves less than an hour of actual time for getting ready for school.
8:15 arrive at school.
8:30 (at best) I leave school; I have no idea how it takes 15 minutes to get her with her class and leave.
8:45 I arrive at the parking lot to the subway station that is literally across the street from school. There are five traffic lights between school and the parking lot. Today I was stuck at one of them for three cycles of the light.
9:10 Arrive at work.
5:00 leave work.
5:40 at best, arrive at school. (Today it also took me three red light cycles to get out of the subway station parking lot.)

5:55 in car to go home.
6:30 arrive home.
Dinner, bath, get ready for bed.
7:30 (I wish) bedtime.

So you see, we have very little time together these days, since she spends weekends with dad. More on that, too...

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