Wednesday, April 28, 2010


At the beginning, Sabrina made a big deal out of our different noses. I don't have the stereotypical "Jewish nose" but for whatever evolutionary reason, it is true that her nose is flatter than mine. Plus of course it is smaller than mine :-)

Just a few minutes ago, she pinched my nose (not meanly) and said "our noses are almost the same." Awww...

Last night I said "Good night, I love you" when I left her room. She responded "Good night, I don't love you!" Much better than her previous common responses of "don't say 'good night'!" and an angry "I don't love you."

I went on a shopping expedition a few weeks ago. Most of what I bought was purely for Sabrina. (A bike helmet, sunglasses, an umbrella.) I also bought one of those teeny tiny window garden kits. I told Sabrina that it was for both of us, and she totally got that it was "ours." It was the first thing that she accepted as being ours, instead of hers or mine. (And she is completely and totally excited by the tomato plants.)

Another exciting first was an umprompted "I like the things you bought me." She has been reluctant to like things that I get for her. (I understand why. But that makes it all the more exciting when she realizes it's okay to like things that I like, etc.)

She now wants me to sit on her bed right next to her as she falls asleep. This is a little frustrating as it limits what I can do while I wait for her to fall asleep (no blogging) but is very sweet to have her lying right next to me. At first I had to sit next to her bed. (Confession: at the moment I am sitting next to her bed while she falls asleep. We're having a rough night and she is exhausted but refusing to sleep.)

More to come.

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