Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clean underpants

Sabrina is not wearing them.

I am currently being mean and not helping her to button her dress. I told her that I would help as soon as she puts on clean underpants. Since I'm not helping, I am mean. I am bossing her around.

I confess that it is my fault that she has only one clean pair of underpants. She wants to wear them on Friday. "Sabrina, you can wear them today AND Friday." "NO!!"

I personally feel that clean underpants aren't so much to ask, since I'm letting her wear a dirty undershirt and winter tights, and yesterday's underpants are kind of gross from some sliding down a concrete hill on her bottom, and I don't know if they were clean when she put them on (though I assume they were). However, she seems to disagree.

The part of this that is the funniest? They are day of the week underpants--for Wednesday.

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