Sunday, November 22, 2009


Everyone has been So. Amazing. over the past few days. On top of the innumerable emails and facebook status comments with general good wishes, I've been blessed with amazing offers of help as I go crazy. It helps that I know a lot of people in my apartment building. Thursday night all I had to do was ask on facebook if anyone in the building had milk that I could use for Sabrina's cereal ("shereal") on Friday morning, and a friend/neighbor came through for me. Friday night when we got home from the ER long after Shabbat started, I knocked on my next door neighbors' door and they sat with a sleeping Sabrina while I got our things from the car. And on top of that, they then brought me a plate (two plates and a bowl) from their Shabbat dinner. Last night another friend came over and brought chocolate and ice cream bribes for Sabrina to take her medicine, helped me get Sabrina in pajamas and her own bed (she made it until 4:45 in the morning in her room), and was adult company for a while. This isn't even counting the great staff at the hospital (including my friend, woohoo!) who were so great with Sabrina--and one of whom gave me a reassuring pat on the back while Sabrina was crying for her mom, and the mom in the room next door who pretended to try to call Sabrina's mom for long enough to distract her.

I'm sure that when I need to do laundry later today, someone will be willing to come and sit with Sabrina so I can go to the laundry room. (I'll try getting her to come with me, first, though!)

So amazing to have such great people in my life.

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