Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nothing new to report...

...but since my alternatives right now are to expound upon my knowledge of "generally accepted legal writing techniques" or to blog about George, I'm blogging about George. I have been very good and very emotionally healthy about him since I last wrote about him. Well, yesterday when I was feeling blah and depressed I almost texted him to ask him to send me something back flirty to cheer me up, but the point is that I only almost texted him.

There's a super cheap airline that flies between my Big City and his Big City, and yesterday there was a pretty big sale on flights between the two. Unfortunately, the available dates made it more reasonable to fly from there to here for a Shabbat, and since I'm the one without a job, it would make more sense, if we were to see each other, for me to fly there rather than vice versa. However, in talking about it, I did learn that he will be here in three weeks, hooray!

Ah yes, the factor that makes it reasonable to be engaged in a long-distance relationship: he has kids. Plural. They live with their mom in a suburb of my Big City and George sees them about once a month--though not always here. So, assuming that all is well, we will get to see each other then. Possibly over Shabbat, as I have many friends in their suburb (it's where people from my Big City go when they have kids) and have a place to stay--but depending on whether that either makes sense or is a Really Bad Idea--or at some other point in the weekend. It's tough though because the point of his visit is to see his kids. And his kids are Much More Important than I am, so I don't want to interfere with his time with them. Anyway, we'll see what happens. Who knows, I might actually get a placement call before then (one for kids I'm licensed for, at least), and then the world will be a very different place.

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