Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Just 'til 5 pm on Sunday. I took Sabrina to meet her dad about an hour and a half ago. Gotta love 4 year olds and their lack of sequential thinking. It was like pulling teeth to get her to put a toy down, put her doll's things in her "diaper bag," and get in the car...even though I kept saying "we're going to go see Daddy!" (The timing worked out okay; her dad pulled up to the meeting spot about 12 seconds after we did.)

I'm relieved to have some time to myself--for example, to clean up the toys and take out the trash. I know that eventually I will figure out taking out the trash while she's here, but haven't yet. Probably just because I'm super lazy. Since she doesn't want to be by herself At All she probably won't have any qualms about coming with me when I want to take the trash to the trash room.

But I definitely miss her. Is it wrong if I turn Dora on just so that I can hear the sounds of when Sabrina is here?

Her dad and aunt and grandma really love her. They were so sweet when I met them; Grandma gave me a hug and thanked me for taking care of Sabrina, and I told them I was so glad that Sabrina was able to spend the holiday with them. But they didn't bring a booster seat (I was mentally prepared for that, and offered them to borrow mine) and when I started telling dad about the medications--to go along with the detailed written instructions--he said "yeah, I know all about medicine." So I just kept talking to make sure he at least heard the instructions, even if he didn't really listen.

I'm going to take advantage of these next few days--washing dishes, making veggie meat balls, searching out some sort of toy chest, and doing a good dust/vacuum/hide the stuffed animals. I didn't grow up with asthma so wasn't so careful about connecting the information from the doctor "stuffed animals may trigger asthma" with the room full of stuffed animals. I can't in good conscience keep them all away from her, but I can limit it. Her mom suggested freezing them, so the ones that will fit, I will try that. But tonight: grown up beverages with friends.

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