Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Sabrina talked to her mom tonight, and in related news, she smacked me soon thereafter.  My first time being hit by a foster child!  (She swatted at me before, but this was real contact with my face.)  After I said Very. Firmly. that we don't hit people, she told me that "my Auntie told me that I can smack people who are mean to me."  This is not the first time that she used the "my Mommy told me" or "my Auntie told me" line but the first time I affirmatively said that her Auntie did not, in fact, say what she was reported to have said.  The rest of the time* I just ignore the tales; they don't make sense (e.g. "My Mommy told me that when strangers come and pick me up at school and take me to a mean lady's house, I don't have to listen to her.") so there's no point in either validating her or telling her that her Mommy was wrong.  This time I clearly needed to say something.

In other news, she's getting so good about taking her medication, and tomorrow is the last day for the flu meds.  Hooray!  The conversation with her mom actually did go well, though her aunt told her that they were going to have a visit on Friday, and I haven't heard anything about that.  I really hope I don't have a heart-broken Sabrina to deal with because of broken promises.  (If they do visit, and it isn't overnight, I will have to deal with a sugar-laden Sabrina; I overheard the aunt telling Sabrina that she was going to bring candy and lollipops for her.)

*I need to confess that about 2 minutes before Sabrina hit me, she saw me drinking soda and asked for some. I told her that it is a grown-up drink in my house so she could not have any.  When she then invoked her mommy for permission, I said that her mommy doesn't live in my house and in my house, kids don't drink soda.  I was just worrying that I had messed her up for life when she hit me.  (About another issue entirely.) 

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