Saturday, November 21, 2009

The most amazing friends

I just posted on Facebook that I am not accustomed to the overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I have had all week. As I reflect on that, I realize that there is another thing to be grateful for: that I have not had a need for the support of my friends the way I have this week. I have not had any major health crisis, I have been able to support myself through my periods of unemployment, I have not experienced major losses, and so on.

And I am grateful that the need I have had for the support of my friends has not been for a crisis (not my own, that is) but has been for a positive reason.

Truly, my friends have been a blessing this week. The words of encouragement that I have received from friends from all corners of my life, the advice from parents of four year olds, the delivery of chocolate to bribe Sabrina to take her medication, the trip to the grocery store (for which the friend involved will not let me repay), the Shabbat dinner delivered upon our return from the ER on Friday... even an acquaintance who I didn't expect to be so fully supportive (not that I thought he would be unsupportive, just... didn't realize he had thoughts on this issue one way or the other) told me this evening when I was relating about a woman at the grocery store today* who I think was criticizing my parenting that "any way you look at it, what you are doing is admirable." Awww. *Yes, after my friend went to the store for us last night, we went again today. My friend brought bananas and cheese crackers (among other things), both of which were immediately necessary before the trip to get turkey slices. Seriously, the only protein I can consistently get Sabrina to eat is turkey slices, and the store by my friend's house doesn't carry them. (Obviously they sell turkey. Just not kosher turkey.)

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for many things, and my friends rank high among them.

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