Monday, November 23, 2009

Things that make me cry

Well, we already know that parenting has made me verbose! But two things in the last few days have made me cry.

The first, from a friend, posted on Facebook in response to "What did I do to deserve such wonderful friends?":
What did you do? Oh, I don't know, just take an innocent child into your home to give her a safe harbor in a storm. Truly, your generosity is extraordinary and more than worthy of the generosity you are receiving. Everyone who is helping is getting to participate in the extraordinary mitzvah that YOU are creating.

The second, from a former coworker, in a reference form he submitted on my behalf (to a temp agency, nothing special)--in particular the bolded sections:

Describe candidate's work habits: [Foster Ima's] work habits were highly professional including many instance of working late on the above tasks as well taking personal responsibility for matters that needed to be done on an expedited or emergency basis.

Strong points of candidate: Highly intelligent, Superior writer and editor, Reliable and Trustworthy

Strong points of candidate (Personal): Maintains a positive attitude despite frequent setbacks and missed deadlines by those she is working with.

Weak points of candidate, what areas can this candidate improve? No substantial weak points were identified

Would you rehire this candidate? In fact I made extensive attempts to have my agency... allow me to hire her.... Budget reasons did not permit this.

Do you have any additional comments about this candidate? If I was allowed to add one additional person to my section and I could choose anyone, my choice would be [Foster Ima]

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