Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful weather!

It has been absolutely gorgeous all week. Spring is definitely on the way. My building's resident ducks were sitting outside the front door this morning.

Monday after school we had to go to the grocery store, and we ended up going to my favorite strip mall (the one with the Dunkin Donuts in the parking lot, though we didn't go there!) to look for a spring jacket for Sabrina. We took advantage of the beautiful weather by walking basically from one end of the mall to the other and then back. With no luck finding a jacket.

Monday night Sabrina asked if we could get strawberry milkshakes (we have the book Pinkalicious from the library, and strawberry milkshakes are in one of the pictures). I said "no" but then Tuesday I thought about it and gave Sabrina a choice after school: we could go to the library and play on the computer, or we could stop at the library to return our books and then go to a bookstore to BUY books and also get milkshakes. The bookstore/milkshake plan was going to involve some walking around a cute and busy section of town. I was very glad that Sabrina chose milkshakes. (She then decided she'd rather have hot chocolate, and I ended up carrying two cups and 16 books at the bookstore. Oops.)

Today we could have gone to the zoo, but my shoulder and neck hurt so I didn't want to offer that as a possibility. I suggested going to the playground. Sabrina's response? "No. I'm never ever ever ever ever ever ever going to the playground. I'm never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever playing outside. Can I watch Dora?" Oy. I'm not terribly ashamed to admit that I bribed Sabrina to play outside. I told her that she could watch Dora after she played outside.

We went to the back of my building and blew bubbles and played with a tennis ball for about a half hour. I would have preferred to play outside longer, but she got some activity and she had fun, so hopefully next time she'll be more willing to go outside. The bubbles very well might be the best use of a single dollar for Sabrina.

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