Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm going to regret this blog post, not because of its content but because of when I'm writing it. Normally at this time in the morning, Sabrina would be on her second of two "five minutes" of snoozing. I'm giving her a few extra minutes of sleep this morning, though, because:

Last night Sabrina's bath took close to an hour. We sang the alphabet song something like 57 times. In order to do this--

The picture quality is horrible because Sabrina insisted she wasn't ready for the picture and told me not to take it. We had a quick conversation before I took the picture about not letting people take pictures of us when we're not dressed, and I said that I was only going to take a picture of the back of her head. I'm pretty certain that she wanted to pose for me.

When Sabrina finally was done in the bath and in pajamas she was exhausted, but after one story and putting her head down and closing her eyes, it still took her a half hour to fall asleep. Seriously, I got up to leave her room after about 15 minutes, and one eye popped open and gave me "A Look." (Maybe my fault because I thought she was going to be asleep in 2 minutes, so I didn't bother to sit down after I put her book away. She noticed.)

At 12:30, in she padded to my room.

At 3:30, in she padded to my room.

At 4:30, in she padded to my room. That time, she took out a coloring book and said she wasn't going back to sleep. "I'll sleep at school." Sigh. I told her she could look at books but I needed sleep so was going back to my room.

At 5:30 my alarm went off.

In an hour and 22 minutes, we need to leave for school.

Time to get her up.

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