Thursday, March 11, 2010

Science time

I have a real-life friend (as opposed to a friend who lives in my computer) who blogs about the activities that she does with her kids (ages 3 and 1). Every week has a theme, and they have a song, a craft, outings...the whole nine yards. I feel very inferior when I read her blog.

But last night I channeled her a little bit. Sabrina found some baby pine cones and wanted to bring them inside. (Yuck.) She said that they need water. At this point, I have visions of mold and slime. The non-inspired me would have explained that pine cones don't need water and we're not taking them inside. The inspired me: "Let's put them in a bowl of water and see what happens. What do you think will happen?"

Her hypothesis is that the baby pine cones will grow into big pine cones.

Here they are when they were first put into water:
See how they are all open?

Here they are after about an hour:
Now they are all closed up. But they haven't grown into big pine cones. Yet :-)

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  1. You are doing an AWESOME thing!! My husband is a science teacher at the high school level, and I have a science background as well, and encouraging her questioning and experimenting is great! These are skills that will benefit her her whole life, whether she goes into sciences or not.
    Keep it up!