Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More than one kiddo?

No, not bringing another kid into the mix. But after yesterday's "conversation" with Wendy's dad, I started thinking about what would happen if Wendy and her little brother were removed from their home. (Please, oh please, let that not happen.)

Because Wendy has her little brother, none of my thinking would actually come to fruition, even in the bad situation where there was a removal.

But I started wondering: if one of Sabrina's friends needed a foster home, would mine be a good place? I should say upfront that the agency is not with it enough that I could tell anyone "hey, if there's a kid who goes to AKS Elementary, let me know." I've said that IF I decide to get my license changed to two kids, it would only be to have a sibling group. And would it be weird for two kids who know each other from school to share a bedroom?

Nevertheless, when Sabrina was falling asleep tonight, I started thinking about how I would rearrange the bedroom to have two beds. Because really, kids in pre-k don't need a 5-foot long desk.


  1. Well, I've noticed it's been great having more than one kid at a time - I imagine they're more comfortable in a new place, but I have no experience with taking just one kid so I can't compare.
    I was just thinking we might up our license to three after Mark and Nikki leave...maybe spring in the air makes us feel this way?

  2. LOL, the inevitable calling! My "girl room" is empty and keeps telling me I want two girls to fill the beds... good thing the Department doesn't call us much! It sounds like you've had your hands full with Sabrina, but maybe this is a sign that things are feeling a bit more calm and steady (things seem to be going pretty well, judging from your posts recently)- that's usually when it starts for me... Good luck!

  3. re:gymnastics. Explain to the gym and see if they will let you pay per class. Won't hurt to ask.