Saturday, March 13, 2010


Just taking a few seconds to share with the world my gratitude for hot water. Remember those consequences yesterday? Well, there was still no hot water by 5:15, at which point I was desperate and tried taking a shower. Word to the wise: cold showers in March are not refreshing like cold showers in August are. I wouldn't even use the word "bracing." I think the best word to describe the experience would be "oh-my-G_d-that's-effing-cold-get-me-out-NOW-damn-damn-damn-I-have-soap-on-me."

I started washing dishes after Shabbat and the water never heated up, though it at least did pretend to be hot (coming out of the tap with the faucet turned to hot), so my slimy hair and I were nervous.

The sink in the bathroom had blessedly warm water, so we are off to do a thorough washing of my hair. Ah, the simple pleasures.

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