Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big News

Oh yeah, forgot about this in the I'm-still-so-worked-up-about-my-terrible-evening-with-Sabrina-that-I'm-not-blogging-about-it fog. Wilma (social worker) told me tonight that the reason that Sabrina sees her mom so much when she stays with her dad for the weekends is that Mom and Dad are SLEEPING TOGETHER. Now. Still. Thanks, family.


  1. Um....and that is OKAY with the worker? I don't understand....

  2. Not so okay, no. But okay enough that Sabrina gets to still have her unsupervised visits. Wilma says that she follows up every time I report something and gets an "okay, yeah, yeah." And she relies on that. Not great, but I'm not the one making those decisions.